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Fair Exchange Biography 1983 - Part 1

On the first of January 1983 the, now,  Five piece Fair Exchange went down to Studio Fiona in Fermoy to record 2 original songs – “Beach Party” and “Stormy Night”. Although we had previously recorded a rough live demo of “Beach Party” this would be our first proper visit to the recording process. Having recorded what we thought were the songs that would make us a household name. We started sending copies to record companies and radio stations all over the country. We believed that it was only a matter of time before “Beach Party” would be out as our debut single and that it would all take off from there. “Beach Party” would indeed feature on a single but that would eventually happen 23 years later in 2006.

Throughout the first 3 months of 1983 we continued to perform around the South Tipperary area and secured a number of gigs supporting Brush Shiels around the County. However at the end of April Declan O Dwyer quit the band (When he got a serious offer to turn professional and join The Glen Curtain Band).

Fair Exchange at Studio Fiona in Fermoy 1/1/1983. Standing left to right Johnny Casey, Brian O Reilly (producer) Joe Shine, Charlie O’Neill, Pat Keogh (engineer) Seated Alan Harris and Declan O’Dwyer

Fair Exchange supporting Brush Shiels Spring 1983