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I started out as guitarist with Fair Exchange, in Cahir (1979 – 83, 1985 – 86, 2006 – 2008 and 2011 – present).

Click on these links for the full story  1979 - 1980 - 1981 - 1982 - 1983 Pt1 - 1983 Pt2

During this time we recorded nearly a dozen demos before eventually releasing a 3 track vinyl single, “Once in a While” E.P.  in July 1985. We also made a video for a follow up track “Rikki” in 1986 before calling it a day. We reformed the “classic” 5-piece line up in 2006 to write and record a charity single in aid of Chernobyl Children’s Project International, and this double A-sided single “Hope”/ “Beach Party”, released in April 2006, spent 3 weeks in the Irish Top 50. “Beach Party” was also released on iTunes as single in 2011.

Following the final, initial demise of Fair Exchange, in 1986, together with Michael Burke, Christy Griffin and Willie Moore, I co-founded the South Tipperary rock band, Shock Treatment (1986 – 1992). In 1989 we eventually released an Album on Cassette titled “Foolin’ Around” before deciding that the band had run its course at the end of 1992. Having joined Darren Holden as one of the original members of his backing band “Wanted” in the spring of 1993, I spent most of the 1990’s as guitarist/backing vocalist performing and recording with Darren. During this time we released a number of singles and were regularly on TV. With Darren moving on to pursue a solo career in the theatre, the band went its separate ways at the end of the decade. In 2003, together with 3 other like minded local musicians, I formed a Blues Band – Malpractice, which performed on and off until spring of 2010 and released an album “No Bullshit Just Blues” in 2009.

Today I still gig with Fair Exchange occasionally and I continue to write and record